What is the minimum duration of the contract?

In most cities were Swapfiets Belgium is active, we have two options for your contract and contract period:

1) A monthly subscription. This subscription can be terminated on a monthly basis, with one month's notice. If you choose this option we will charge you a €19,50 fee when you sign up. These costs will be charged with your first monthly payment.

2) A 6 month subscription. If you would like to use a Swapfiets for a longer period, then this subscription is a good fit for you! When you choose this subscription we will not charge you the €19,50 fee. After 6 months, your subscription can be canceled monthly.

For both subscription types, we work with a cancellation period of one month.

Be aware, this is only the case for customers that started a subscription with Swapfiets on or after 10-02-2020.

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