Returning the bike

Before returning the bike make sure you cancelled your subscription. You can now do this via our App. 

Open the side-menu in the App and go to "Subscription". Here you are able to download your contract, and cancel your subscription. The terms for cancelling your subscription can be found on the same page. You’ll then receive a confirmation email to let you know once your cancellation is successful.

Please keep in mind: We have a one month notice period for our contracts. This means you can use your bike for exactly one month after cancelling. For non-flexible contracts, we have a minimum contract period of 6 months. 

Are you looking for more information regarding the subscription? Find this here. More information about returning the bike you can find below.

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Where do I return the bike?

You are welcome to return your bike in one of our stores. If you're not able to bring the bike back yourself, someone else can also do this for you. Just let us know who will be returning the bike. All our stores can be found here.

Can I temporarily store the bike at your place?

At the moment we don't offer this possibility. It can happen that you are out of the country for a while or not using the bike for any other reason.

Depending for how long you are away we recommend either keeping your subscription and storing the bike at a safe location, or cancelling and handing in the bike so we can take care of it.

Can I also return my bike in a different city than where I am subscribed?

If you already took your bike to another city we will make sure you can return your bike in the store closest to you. Just let us know beforehand so we can make sure to relocate the bike to the correct area. 

Is it only possible to return the bike within the opening hours of the store?

Yes, as we want to ensure that your bike is safely and surely returned to us. Therefore, we need the bike returned during the opening hours of the store to check the condition of the bike, to make sure the bike belongs to the customer and to confirm that the account is then properly closed.

Please do not leave the bike (and key) outside of the store, unless agreed upon with our customer support. If not, you are still be responsible for the bike in case something happens. 

Should you be prevented from handing in the bike within the opening hours, contact us us then we will do our best to find an alternative.

You can find the current opening hours here.

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